We proudly serves as the official distributor for BERG Toys in India, offering a comprehensive range of their outdoor playtime products:

  • Full range of pedal-operated go-karts
  • Two and three-seater family bikes and buggies
  • Trampolines

BERG’s go-kart lineup caters to all age groups, including kids and adults, providing both entertainment and practical transportation solutions, particularly in settings such as theme parks and campuses.

The appeal of BERG Go-karts extends to individual users seeking personal enjoyment at their own venues, as well as to theme park and campus operators for leisure and transportation activities. These go-karts have found homes in numerous parks worldwide, with installations ranging from 10 to 300 units.

BERG prioritizes creating unique go-kart models tailored for various applications, environments, and driver preferences.


These multi-seater pedal bikes are designed with a strong emphasis on convenience, allowing the entire family to travel together. Perfect for navigating parks, campuses, and other expansive areas, they offer a sturdy build with excellent quality, requiring minimal maintenance and capable of withstanding prolonged periods of rough use.


  • BERG flagship go-karts, meant for ages 5 and up. You’ll find anywhere between 20 and 100 of these at large campuses and leisure parks.
  • We can also customize and set up a racetrack for you to offer as an activity for your visitors, as an end-to-end service.


  • Tailor-made for kids up to 12 years old, these karts are smaller in size but just as durable and stylish.
  • Besides commercial use, these are immensely popular even among individual end-users looking for unique, outdoor gifts for their kids.